Cummins Inc. Trade Compliance Analyst in Guarulhos, Brazil

Trade Compliance Analyst


Researches and monitors import/export laws and regulations related to licenses and registrations required to operate and potentially apply Customs benefits in the assigned geography; gathers and prepares license, registration and potential benefits applications and data as well as documentation to support import and export activities within the assigned geography. Prepares documentation to support the importing and exporting of materials and applicable benefits in the country of assignment.

Researches and monitors local laws, regulations, procedures and applicable benefits related to import/export transactions; prepares summaries of new regulations for review by team members; distributes updates and summaries to appropriate supply chain and business unit contacts.

Monitors import/export activity for all business units in the assigned geography; gathers, enters, and manages import/export data (including classification data) for the assigned geography; drafts management reports on import/export activities.

Gathers all necessary documentation for import/export licenses; drafts applications for licenses and registrations in the country of assignment; submits applications, including those with applicable benefits, upon review by supervisor and monitors approval process with appropriate governmental contacts.

Builds and maintains relationships with appropriate governmental organizations in the country of assignment.

Communicates with brokers to ensure that the organization has appropriate supporting documentation and consistent compliance with import/export regulations.

Builds relationships with vendors, brokers, and other external resources to understand and apply best practices and current data to projects.

Analyzes import/export activities to ensure that Cummins does not exceed limits or violate any restrictions on import/export activities.

Executes team processes as directed and provides input into process improvements related to immediate area of influence.

Compiles data and updates metrics as requested.



Analyze Issues - Gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; seeks input from others; uses accurate logic in analyses.

Manage Execution - Assigns responsibilities; delegates to and empowers others; removes obstacles; allows for and contributes needed resources; coordinates work efforts when necessary; monitors progress.

Customs Items Classification (Including Hs And Export Controls) - Knowing items Customs classifications as well as the applicable implications of a code determination. It includes export controls codes determination

Customs Compliance Continuous Improvement And Control - Knowing compliance improvement and control within Trade Compliance. It includes advisory, auditing, quality control and continuous improvement skills

Customs Procedures & Compliance - Knowing customs regulations, how import codes affect the duties paid, what the value added tax (VAT) is for the countries, and the regulations are in association with the VAT. Know how to expedite and track a shipment through customs Understanding the governmental regulations to maintain compliance and retain trade privileges.

Attention To Details - This skill involves paying attention to all the details of what is communicated, either written, orally, or presented. Double-checks work to verify all steps are completed. Able to break down requirements to task level to enable accomplishment. Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved. Provides accurate, consistent information on all documents. Provides information in a useable form and on a timely basis to others who need to act on it. Maintains a checklist, schedule, calendar, etc. to ensure that small details are not overlooked. Work requires little or no checking. Writes down important details in messages or communications so the details are not lost or forgotten.

Education, Licenses, Certifications

College, university, or equivalent degree preferred.


Minimal relevant work experience preferred.

Administrar as operações de comercio exterior conforme legislação vigente para atendimento das necessidades da cadeia de abastecimento

Aplicar práticas preventivas para eliminar potenciais falhas nas operações diárias de importação e exportação.

Desenvolver com os prestadores de serviço melhorias de curto e médio prazo

Executar planos e processos de comunicação para garantir que as necessidades das partes interessadas (stakeholders) sejam atendidas

Conduzir resolução de problemas diários e oportunidades de melhoria contínua de forma tática e estratégica para atingir metas de desempenho.

Analisar e interpretar indicadores de perfomance (KPIs) para identificar áreas de melhoria e planos de ação

Executar projetos Six Sigma e participar de equipes de melhoria funcional de processos

Manter comunicação com as partes funcionais interessadas (Stakeholders) para atenuar a médio prazo restrições dos fornecedores ou clientes

Divulgar e realizar coaching referente a legislação aduaneira (Trade compliance) para todos os clientes internos

Assegurar que processos comuns estão sendo utilizadas em todos os BU´s

Executar projetos no Sistema DrawbackSys para abertura, controle e fechamento de atos concessórios de drawback (Isenção, Suspensão, Intermediário)

Identificar oportunidades de abertura de Drawback para todas as BU's

Garantir a integração dos sistemas ImportSys e ExportSys com o Drawback, bem como o consumo dos Atos Concessórios.

Realizar os registros apropriados no sistema Siscoserv WEB.


Primary Location Brazil-São Paulo-São Paulo-Brazil, Guarulhos, Cummins Brazil

Job Type Experienced - Professional / Office

Recruitment Job Type Professional - Experienced

Job Posting Nov 22, 2016, 5:54:23 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing