Cummins (Mexico) HR Executive Manager LATAM in San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Cummins Corporate

HR Executive Manager LATAM

Experience & Knowledge: more tan 8 years

Previos leadership HR role


Compensation, benefits, staffing, organizational, development, employee relations

and performance management

Planning and implementation of human resources initiatives and policies

Recruitment Talent Retention Strategies

Experience in all HR áreas

Advanced English

Education, Licenses, Certifications

College, university, or equivalent degree in Human Resources, Business,

or related field required.

Significant relevant work experience required.


English and Spanish required (writen, verbal and reading)

Previous experience in HR laedership position, specially with Line HR focus

Job: Recursos humanos

Title: HR Executive Manager LATAM

Location: México-San Luis Potosí-San Luis Potosí-Mexico, San Luis Potosi, ABO Offices

Requisition ID: 203602