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Cummins Inc. Field Service Engineer 区域服务工程师 (华北、华东、华中、华南、西南、西北等) in Beijing, China

Field Service Engineer 区域服务工程师 (华北、华东、华中、华南、西南、西北等)


  • Applies specialized knowledge of diagnostic principles and practices to develop, maintain, and support: diagnostic verification and validation plans, high-quality troubleshooting information, and less complex diagnostic projects for all Cummins products and systems.

  • Applies diagnostic expertise on less complex diagnostics, projects, or tools under supervision.

  • Develops and maintains with supervision well written troubleshooting instructions, diagnostic descriptions, and wiring diagrams by taking feedback provided by experts and technicians and performing the investigatory work necessary to determine the optimal results.

  • Maintains the library of troubleshooting information as products evolve, experience is gained, and feedback is provided on the operation and servicing of the equipment.

  • Writes procedures effectively with translations in mind.

  • Communicates proposed troubleshooting publication changes for peer review and approval with support.

  • Troubleshoots less complex problems and recommends appropriate actions.

  • 运用诊断原理和实践的专业知识,制定、维护和支持:所有康明斯产品的系统诊断验证和确认计划、高品质故障排除信息以及复杂程度较低的诊断项目。

  • 将诊断专业知识运用于监管下复杂性较低的诊断、项目或工具。

  • 通过采纳专家和技术人员提供的反馈以及执行确定最优结果的必要调查工作,制定并坚持监督书面故障排除说明、诊断说明和接线图。

  • 随着产品的演变、经验的累计以及对设备运行和服务提供的反馈,维护故障排除信息库。在有效撰写程序的同时考虑翻译问题。

  • 沟通提出的故障排除出版物变更,由同事审核及在支持的情况下予以批准。

  • 解决复杂程度较低的问题,并提出正确行动方案。



  • Diagnostics Development - Identifies internal, external, and regulatory design requirements for needed diagnostics; creates diagnostic procedures following standard process and tools that meet or exceed design requirements; develops and executes test plans to validate the diagnostic; publishes diagnostic procedures following required process.

  • Electronic Service Tool Development - Explains scope of all primary electronic troubleshooting tools to understand which tools are applicable; identifies clear and robust design requirements by following the required process to ensure design meets or exceeds requirements; develops and executes test plans to validate the service tool.

  • Technical Writing - Writes technical instructions so target audience can understand and apply; organizes product information and converts into appropriate content and format for the given publication and target audience; summarizes complex systems as well as break down into individual components and diagnostics to create service information using established processes and tools.

  • Service Information Process - Organizes product technical information by utilizing available resources including established systems, processes, tools, teams, and suppliers to deliver service information to a target audience; identifies and resolves emerging issues by breaking down complex processes, tools, systems, or agencies in order to prevent delays in the delivery of desired outcomes.

  • Communicates effectively - Developing and delivering multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences.Customer focus - Building strong customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions.

  • Nimble learning - Actively learning through experimentation when tackling new problems, using both successes and failures as learning fodder.

  • Demonstrates self-awareness - Using a combination of feedback and reflection to gain productive insight into personal strengths and weaknesses.

  • Self-development - Actively seeking new ways to grow and be challenged using both formal and informal development channels.

  • 诊断学发展 - 识别所需诊断的内部、外部和法规设计要求;按照符合或超过设计要求的标准工艺和工具创建诊断程序;开发并执行测试计划以验证诊断;遵循必要的过程发布诊断程序。

  • 电子服务工具开发 - 解释所有主要电子故障排除工具的适用范围,以了解哪些工具适用;通过遵循必要的过程来确定清晰和稳健的设计要求,从而确保设计满足或超过要求;开发并执行测试计划以验证服务工具。

  • 技术写作 - 撰写技术指导,以便目标受众能够理解并加以应用;组织产品信息并将其转换为适合给定出版物和目标受众的内容和格式;总结复杂的系统,并将其分解为各个组件和诊断信息,以使用建立好的流程和工具创建服务信息。

  • 服务信息流程 - 利用可用资源(包括建立好的系统、流程、工具、团队和供应商)组织产品技术信息,以向目标受众提供服务信息;通过分解复杂的流程、工具、系统或机构来识别和解决新出现的问题,以防止延期实现预期结果。

  • 有效沟通 - 发展和实现多模式沟通,清晰了解不同受众的特定需求。

  • 以顾客为中心 - 建立稳固的顾客关系,提供以顾客为中心的解决方案。

  • 灵活学习 - 在解决新问题时通过尝试积极学习,将成功和失败都当作学习的源泉。

  • 展示自知 - 结合他人的反馈和自己的内省,有效地深入了解个人的优点和缺点。

  • 自我发展 - 使用正式和非正式发展渠道,积极寻找新的方式发展和锻炼自己。

Education, Licenses, Certifications

  • College, Trade School, university or equivalent degree in Engineering or related technical field or equivalent experience required.

  • This position may require licensing for compliance with export controls or sanctions regulations.

  • 要求具有工程专业或相关技术领域的专科、技术学校、本科或同等学历,或者拥有同等工作经验。

  • 该职位可能需要获得有关遵守出口管制或制裁法规的许可证。


  • Minimal relevant work experience required.

  • 要求具有基本的相关工作经验。


Primary Location China-Beijing-Beijing-China, Beijing, CUMMINS HQ

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting Apr 12, 2022, 4:07:02 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Eaton Cummins Transmissions

Req ID: 2200006K