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Cummins Inc. VPI Manager - EBU Purchasing 项目采购经理 in Shanghai, China

VPI Manager - EBU Purchasing 项目采购经理


  • Manages, develops, and implements project(s) of varying complexity and size in assigned functional area. Partners with business stakeholders to ensure a successful project completion.

  • Leads multiple projects from inception to completion; facilitates project planning sessions with internal stakeholders to determine the scope and objectives of each project; works with business stakeholders to establish project performance goals; designs project plan, develops timeline, identifies project milestones, and tracks performance against performance goals and timeline.

  • Identifies, tracks, and works with others to resolve project issues.

  • Monitors and communicates project status to project team.

  • Plans and monitors project budget, conducts research and analysis; provides input into the design and development of project plans and timelines.

  • Manages project risk; uses quality tools to identify areas of risk; works with others on the team and outside the team to identify alternatives or solutions.

  • Documents and shares team learnings with other teams; draws on other project team experiences to enhance the success of the project.

  • Maintains project notes, databases, and other records; monitors measures and communicates with Project Sponsor and other stakeholders on status of specific projects and assignments.

  • Identifies and assigns appropriate resources to accomplish various project tasks; guides and coaches team members through various stages of the project; provides developmental feedback to team members.



  • 日程安排管理 - 使用推荐的项目管理工具和流程管理项目进度计划,以在议定的时间表内推动项目的完成。

  • 范围管理 - 使用推荐的项目管理工具和流程管理项目可交付成果(范围)列表,以确保项目包括所有必要工作,并且只包括成功完成项目所需的工作。

  • 项目问题和风险管理 - 使用推荐的工具和流程最小化、监控和控制负面事件的可能性和/或影响或最大限度地实现积极事件,并通过管理流程识别、评估和优先化问题及风险。

  • 项目资源管理 - 使用推荐的项目管理工具和流程开发资源(费用和职员总数)计划,以有效管理资源。

  • 商业洞察力 - 运用商业和市场知识实现组织目标。

  • 以顾客为中心 - 建立稳固的顾客关系,提供以顾客为中心的解决方案。

  • 财务敏感 - 解读关键财务指标,并利用对它们的理解做出更好的业务决策。

  • 管理复杂情况 - 领会复杂的、大量的,有时甚至是相互矛盾的信息,以有效地解决问题。

  • 计划和协调 - 制定工作计划并安排工作优先顺序,以达成与组织目标一致的承诺。

  • 管理冲突 - 有效处理冲突情况,不至于造成太大的干扰。

  • 有效沟通 - 发展和实现多模式沟通,清晰了解不同受众的特定需求。


  • 要求具有专科、本科或同等学历。

  • 该职位可能需要获得有关遵守出口管制或制裁法规的许可证。


  • 具备中级水平的团队领导等相关工作经验。

  • Manage X-JV VPI project and/or global VPI project, which requires willingness and capablity to face challenges and amiguity to deliver result.


Primary Location China-Shanghai-Shanghai-China, Shanghai, EBA Center

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting May 7, 2023, 11:11:53 PM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Corporate

Req ID: 230004BQ