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Cummins Inc. 2023 Campus Hire - Manufacturing Engineer 制造工程师 in Wuhan, China

2023 Campus Hire - Manufacturing Engineer 制造工程师


  • Assists with the planning, design, purchase, and/or implementation of integrated manufacturing,assembly or fabrication processes in a manufacturing plant

  • 协助工业厂房中综合生产、总成或装配流程的规划、设计、购买和/或部署

  • Evaluate the new requirement from customer, translate them into product technical specifications, implement in ECM model roll. And completed service quotation, deliver to marketing team

  • 评估客户新需求的可行性,并将其转化成产品的技术要求,在ECM model roll期间贯彻实施, 并且完成工程服务报价,递交给市场部门

  • Helps determine the manufacturing processes required to achieve manufacturing goals according to product specification.Works with engineering to identify problems with product and performance; may recommend solutions or enhancements.Assists with plans and designs methods to improve efficiency in production.Work to improve equipment availability and capability by utilizing continuous improvement tools and working cross functionally.Define manufacturing standard working methods

  • 根据产品规格,帮助确定实现生产目标所需的生产工艺。利用工程技术识别产品和性能问题,帮助提出解决方案或改进措施。协助计划和设计方案,提高生产效率。通过使用持续改进工具和跨职能部门工作,提高设备的可用性和性能。建立生产标准工作方法


  • Fundamentals Of Manufacturing - Basic competence in the body of knowledge as defined by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers for a Certified Manufacturing Technologist (CMfgT). The body of knowledge includes the following areas: Mathematics, Applied Science, Process Design, Materials, Manufacturing Processes, Manufacturing Management, Manufacturing Economics, Quality Control, Computer Applications, and Automation. Working knowledge of the Fundamentals of Manufacturing

  • 制造基本知识 - 基本掌握由制造工程师协会就认证制造技师 (CMfgT) 定义的知识体系。知识体系包括以下几个领域:数学、应用科学、流程设计、材料、制造流程、生产管理、制造经济、质量控制、计算机应用和自动化。制造业基础应用知识。施故障排除并了解电气印刷。了解机器如何操作,并可以建议和实施基本改进。基本了解车间控制系统与工厂制造执行系统之间的接口

  • Fundamentals Of Controls Engineering - Knowledge of various hardware and software used in the control of manufacturing processes and equipment. Includes understanding of: Programmable Logic Controllers, Ladder Logic, and Human-Machine Interfaces. Communication networks and protocols used on the shop floor. Control systems including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical sources of energy. Sensors, actuators, and various loop control technologies. Motion control, servo systems, and multiaxis control including robotics. Working knowledge of electrical controls. Good understanding of programmable logic controllers and ladder logic programs. Can troubleshoot electrical circuits and understand electrical prints. Understand how machines operate and can suggest and implement basic improvements. Basic knowledge of the interface of the shop floor control system to the plant's Manufacturing Execution System.

  • 控制工程基本知识 - 了解用于控制制造流程和设备的各种硬件和软件。这包括对以下方面的了解:可编程逻辑控制器、梯形逻辑图和人机界面。用于车间的通信网络和协议。包括气动、液压和电气能源在内的控制系统。传感器、制动器和各种回路控制技术。运动控制、伺服系统以及包括机器人在内的多轴控制。有关电气控制的应用知识。全面了解可编程逻辑控制器和梯形逻辑图。能够对电路实施故障排除并了解电气印刷。了解机器如何操作,并可以建议和实施基本改进。基本了解车间控制系统与工厂制造执行系统之间的接口

  • Problem Solving And Quality Improvement - Problem Solving and Improvement approaches, including understanding of tools/process type and selection, plus Corrective and Preventive Action processes

  • 问题解决及质量改进 - 问题解决和改进方法,包括理解工具/流程类别和选择,以及纠正及预防措施的程序

  • Bachelor’s degree, electric related major

  • 本科学历,偏机电(ex: 电气工程及自动化,水利水电工程,机电--测控技术与仪器等)相关专业

  • Be familiar with Auto CAD software

  • 熟练使用CAD

  • CET4, Spoken and written English language skills are required

  • 英语四级以上, 英语读写流利

  • Clearly understand the drawing and good knowledge of MS office

  • 能读懂图纸, 熟悉MS Office软件


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 10, 2022, 9:04:13 PM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Cummins Electronics and Fuel Systems

Req ID: 220005QF