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Cummins Inc. 2023 Campus Hire - OBD Engineer---车载故障诊断工程师(多名) in Wuhan, China

2023 Campus Hire - OBD Engineer---车载故障诊断工程师(多名)


  • The Electronic Systems engineer will work closely with other technical functions both inside China and globally, as part of the global team, to develop the advanced power solutions (Diesel, Natural Gas, Hydrogen、Hybrid, Fuel Cell, etc.) to meet the latest emission/performance/diagnostic requirements.

  • 作为康明斯全球技术团队的成员之一,与国内及全球其他技术职能部门紧密协作,致力于使康明斯的动力解决方案(柴油机,天然气发动机,氢气、混合动力,燃料电池等)达到最严苛的排放,客户性能以及诊断要求。

  • Regulation requirement interpretation

  • 法规及诊断要求解读

  • Organize OBD technical exchange forum with regulatory and cert agency.

  • 组织并参与法规部门及国家认证中心的OBD技术交流活动

  • Development and calibration of OBD strategy for diesel engine and nature gas engine

  • 柴油/气体发动机OBD诊断策略开发及标定

  • Advanced Diagnostics Based on Repairs digital strategy development and tuning

  • 基于服务的智能大数据诊断策略开发

  • Support to develop OBD software auto test and smart cert doc management system

  • 参与OBD软件算法自动测试及智能文档管理系统开发

  • Development and calibration of generic scan tool for common protocol J1939/ISO27145

  • 通用诊断协议J1939/ISO27145功能测试及标定开发

  • Review and management of OBD and fault calibration data OBD

  • 故障标定数据评审与管理

  • Analyze field and dyno test data and generate reports

  • 分析道路及台架试验数据并生成试验报告

  • Development of OBD strategy and calibration, fault calibration specification document

  • 制定OBD策略开发与标定、故障标定规范文档

  • Support new energy products development, including Hybrid, Fuel Cell, etc.

  • 支持新能源产品,包括混合动力,燃料电池产品的开发。

  • Support products development for Telematics and Big Data.

  • 支持车联网和大数据部门的产品开发


  • Good English skills.CET-4

  • 较好的英语能力. CET-4

  • Understand Chinese emission and OBD standard, European emission and OBD standard, and Chinese local standard like Beijing Environmental Protection Law etc.

  • 了解中国排放及OBD法规,欧洲排放及OBD法规,中国地方法规,比如北京环保法规等

  • Familiar with controls theory, such as PID controller.

  • 熟悉控制理论, 如 PID 控制器

  • Familiar with engine performance, emission and after treatment system.

  • 熟悉发动机性能、排放和后处理系统

  • Experience with Matlab, Simulink

  • 具备Matlab, Simulink等软件使用经验

  • Major on engine, controls, mechanical automation or vehicle related;

  • 发动机,控制,机械自动化或汽车相关专业


Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, East Asia R&D Center

Job Type College / University

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Entry Level

Job Posting Aug 21, 2022, 9:02:45 PM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Organization Engine Business

Req ID: 2200066B