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Cummins Inc. Service Specialist 服务专家 in Wuhan, China

Service Specialist 服务专家


  • Provide product Serviceability requirements to concurrent engineering design groups via technical profiles.

  • 向工程设计团队以技术文件的形式提供产品可服务性需求。

  • Prepare the Service Literature to drive diagnostic and serviceability strategies.

  • 撰写服务文献以驱动诊断和可服务能力的战略发展。

  • Lead the service engineering input into product design and architecture decisions. Analyze options from a Service perspective.

  • 领导服务工程对产品设计和架构决策进行输入。从服务的角度分析不同的问题。

  • Ensure diagnostic/prognostic capability is implemented to minimize customer downtime and maximize equipment utilization.

  • 确保诊断/预测能力的应用,以减少客户的停工时间和最大限度地提高设备的利用率。

  • Liaise with the Parts and Service Engineering Function, Service Line Architects, and Customer Support. Provide feedback to Parts and Service Engineering Function with new strategy needs.

  • 与零部件和服务工程部门,服务渠道和客户支持部门保持联系。向零部件和服务工程部门反馈新的战略需求。

  • Protect the implementation of the Service Engineering strategies and architecture.

  • 确保服务工程战略和体系架构的落地。

  • Ensure designs protect the profitability of the product over its entire life cycle.

  • 确保设计驱使产品在其整个生命周期中处于盈利状态。

  • Involvement with the support readiness of the field network prior to product launch.

  • 在产品发布前参与路试的支持准备工作。

  • Be the Voice of the customer for end user, distribution support network for support processes (tools, publications, etc.) aftermarket parts, cost of ownership (in and out of warranty).

  • 成为客户的声音,以支持终端用户和提供配件(工具,刊物等)的分销网络,从而降低自身的成本(无论是保内还是保外)。


  • VPI or other New Product Introduction process exposure.

  • 熟悉VPI和其他新产品的引进流程。

  • Experience with Cummins Service Engineering organization is preferred.

  • 有在康明斯服务工程机构工作经验者优先。

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • 优秀的书面和口头沟通能力。

  • Ability to manage and complete multiple tasks with a variety of associated priorities.

  • 根据不同的优先级,能够管理和完成多项任务。

  • Ability to solve ambiguous, complex problems systematically, using data based problem solving techniques.

  • 利用基于数据的问题解决方法,能够系统地解决模糊和复杂的问题。

  • General understanding of engineering analysis tools, statistical methods, and project management tools.

  • 了解工程分析工具、统计方法和项目管理工具。

  • Capable of leading an engineering team as well as integrating into a team working environment.

  • 能够领导工程团队并融入团队工作环境。

  • Flexibility to work and communicate effectively with a wide range of people (Product Engineering, Field Service Personnel, End Customers, Warranty, Applications Engineering, Purchasing, Aftermarket, etc.)

  • 能够灵活地与不同的人员(如产品工程、现场服务人员、终端客户、保修、应用工程、采购、售后服务等)有效地工作和沟通。



Primary Location China-Hubei-Wuhan-China, Wuhan, Cummins Fuel Systems

Job Type Experienced - Exempt / Office

Recruitment Job Type Exempt - Experienced

Job Posting Sep 16, 2020, 1:27:29 AM

Unposting Date Ongoing

Req ID: 200002F4